UNWANTED body hair can be a most embarrassing beauty problem.
Lots of European women never bother about it, and neither do their men bother about it.   However, if you personally don’t like hair, you must remove it.
No one likes stubble. The question is, ‘How best to get it off’?
There are a number of ways in which body hair can be dealt with.
This is one of the best answers to the problem of underarm, arm and leg hair. Though the procedure rather painful, it is worthwhile because hair takes about five weeks to grow again.
The best thing to do if you decide on this method is to go to a waxing expert or a beautician.
However, if you decide to wax yourself at home by yourself, keep a number of things in mind.
1.      Do not apply the wax when it is too hot.
2.      Rip it off in one long sudden tug. Ripping off slowly will only cause greater pain.
3.      Waxing of facial hair is not advisable.
This is the easiest and quickest way of dealing with body hair. Despite what may have been said about shaving, it does not encourage a heavier regrowth. Shaving, however, has to be repeated every other day.
For best results, shave immediately after a shower or bath. Use a lot of moisturizer lotion all over legs and then follow by good soap lather. Wait for a minute and then shave, using long, rather than short, strokes.
Rinse the razor after stroke to make the job easier, neater and smoother.
Repeat twice a week.
Shaving is not suggested for facial hair or for hair on arms, stomach and breasts.
Using depilatory creams chemically dissolves the hair slightly below the skin. As a result of which hair grows back less briskly because its tips are rounded.
This is a highly complex, slow and expensive procedure. However, electrolysis is the only permanent cure for unwanted hair. Always remember, electrolysis must only be done by an expert. Electrolysis is a process where the hair root is cauterized with a tiny electric shock.
A chemical lightning that can only be done on soft downy hair. For bleaching, you need a need a mixture made of one tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide and six to eight drops of ammonia. If you find the smell too strong, add some of your pleasantest smelling talc camouflages it.
With a swab of cotton wool, apply the bleaching lotion wherever you want to bleach hair. Leave on for at least fifteen minutes before washing off with cool water.

This is a slow procedure, as you have plucked our each individual hair. Advisable only for facial hair.
Underarm hair is a breeding ground for bacteria, especially in the summer. It is important to keep underarms smooth and fresh for the sake of basic hygiene if not for cosmetic reasons.
SHAVING Remember to use a sharp razor. After soaping, shaving and patting dry sprinkle on some talc. Remember not to deodorise for a couple of hours after shaving as this will cause severe stinging.
WAXING Painful, but paying. Avoid waxing underarms at home; you’ll probably give up half-way.
CREAMING Gives a slightly smoother finish than shaving and results also last longer.
BLEACHING  Not advisable.
TWEEZING  Not advisable.
WAXING Not advisable.
SHAVING  Not advisable.
CREAMING  Not advisable.
BLEACHING This is a good way of camouflaging facial hair on the upper lip and sides of the face.
Remember, however, that bleaching is only effective for fine, downy hair.
TWEEZING: You plan to go in for electrolysis later, remember that plucking hair your upper lips will make the electrolysis’s job more difficult later on. Plucking is about the best way for removing stray tweezing must be done every day or every second day to avoid an untidy overgrown look.
ELECTROLYSIS: The only permanent way. Go to the best electrolysis your money can afford. Remember that electrolysis must only be undertaken by an expert.
It is a good idea to keep legs smooth the year round (not only in summer) for the sake of your own self-confidence.
WAXING this is the most effective method for removing leg hair. Electrolysis, of course, is the only permanent method, but waxing is certainly more practical unless you have a lot of time and money to spare. Results last about four to six weeks, depending on the rate of your hair growth.
BLEACHING Not really advisable for leg hair unless it is of an extremely fine and soft nature.
SHAVING This is considered by many as the most reasonable and fast way of removing leg hair. However, this has its disadvantage as the hair has to be shaved off every other day.
CREAMING Has longer lasting effects than shaving. But it is more expensive.
TWEEZING  Not advisable.
SHAVING Not advisable. Though shaving may not encourage a heavier hair re-growth, the hair grows back stubby, which is most unpleasant.
CREAMING Not advisable, though it is a safer bet than shaving.   
BLEACHING Worth a try.
WAXING By far the best way after electrolysis.
TWEEZING Not advisable because it is highly un-practical.
WAXING  Not advisable.
SHAVING  Not advisable.
CREAMING  Not advisable.
BLEACHING  Certainly worth a try.
TWEEZING Risky, but worth a try for a few stray hair.
ELECTROLYSIS  Quite safe. Always choose a time after hair has grown for six to seven weeks. Try electrolysis in winter, so that you can give the tiny scabs time to heal before you have to put on your swim suit.
WAXING Effective but more painful than on legs. It can also cause temporary redness.
SHAVING Not advisable because the soft skin can become blotchy
CREAMING Always use depilatories of facial quality. Ordinary creams can cause soreness.
BLEACHING A good camouflage for fine thigh hair.
TWEEZING Not advisable.
ELECTROLYSIS The only 100% cure.