Stand with your right foot about six inches in front of the left. Rise up slowly on the flat of your toes.

Keep your shoulders down, elbows flexed, hand and fingers pointed straight up and palms facing each other.

Raise both your arms above your head.

Holding this position, walk ten to twelve steps forward on the flat of your toes

Relax and then repeat.

With your fists clenched, hold your arms straight out in front of you.
Make little criss-cross motions with your fits while moving your arms in over and under passes like drawing the letter O in the air with your knuckles.

While making these motions, lower your arms to waist level and then above your head as high as they can go

With palms facing up and fists clenched, make tiny circles keeping your arms rigid


Continue making circles as you lower arms to waist level and then raise them up again

Reverse the direction of the circles, stretch arms to your sides and then RELAX.
1)Hold your arms out in front of you at shoulder level so that they are at right angles to your body.
Point fingers forward.

Swing your arms like pendulums at the sides at least 12 times, making sure you raise your arms to shoulder level each time.