As girls cross the threshold of childhood and enter their teens, they suddenly become extra conscious about their looks. Teenagers pay extra attention to the kinds of clothes they wear, accessories to carry, hair styling and the makeup they wear, as they want to appear beautiful and chic all the time. And when it comes to important occasions like their 18th birthday celebration, looking gorgeous and attractive become a compulsion and necessity, rather than choice.
Here are six wisdom from the veteran makeup artists that will certainly help you to glow on your 18th birthday celebration.

Natural Looks
All teenagers are blessed with young, radiant and flushed skin. Therefore, they should make an effort to keep their overall looks as natural as possible so as to retain their natural charm. Too much makeup would make them appear much more matured and older which is definitely undesirable. So bank on your natural beauty and wear subtle makeup so that your friends do not even realize you are using makeup. Makeup regime for your 18th birthday party starts with cleaning your face and using an anti aging crème or sunscreen to moisturize it, before using any makeup.
Conceal The Imperfections
A lot of hormonal changes take place in a teenager’s body resulting in acne, blemishes, dark circles, zits and other problems. Therefore, while getting ready for your 18th birthday celebration keep the concealer handy as in all probabilities you are going to need it. Choose a concealer that matches with your skin tone so that you can blend it nicely and make it totally unrecognizable. One golden rule that you must remember while applying concealer is never swipe it all over the face, but dab it on the affected area. It is advisable not to use foundation or powder unless it is absolutely necessary.

Define Your Eyes
Eyes are one of the most prominent features of our face and you need to take utmost care while defining them as it can bring about a dynamic difference in your overall looks. Firstly, you should comb the eyebrows with a toothbrush or mascara brush in the upward direction and across. If there is any gap between your eyebrows, then fill it up with eye pencil so that it appears absolutely even. Thereafter, apply a thin line of eyeliner on your upper eyelids and mascara on the eyelashes to make it appear voluminous. Choose a soft and creamy eye shadow with a slight glitter in it. It will help in bringing out your natural beauty.
Blush Blush
Blushers are a must while getting ready for your 18th birthday party celebration. Smile and thereafter apply blushers on the apples of your cheeks. Blend the blusher nicely in circular motion and remember to end it up in the direction of the temple. Shades of pink are best suited for the teenager, but they can also choose any other shades according to their skin tone.

Lip gloss, rather than lipsticks are best suited for teenagers. It makes them look all the more young, natural and adds radiance to their overall appearance. A transparent lip gloss in the best choice, but you can choose any other color that matches your makeup, skin tone as well as dress.
Less is More
After you have finished with the entire makeup, if you feel that the lip gloss, blusher or the eye shadows have become too loud, use a tissue to dab some makeup off from your face.
These are six simple steps for getting ready for 18th birthday celebration. Two important things that you need to remember are: light makeup is the in thing so go with the trend and clean your face properly before dozing off in the night as the skin needs to breath in order to function properly. Use an antioxidant rich anti aging crème to moisturize your skin before taking a nap as it will help in repairing the damages as a faster pace. Lastly, be confident, smile a lot and enjoy your 18thbirthday celebration.
About the Author:
The above article is composed by CJ, a beautician by profession who loves to share her beauty and health tips via her articles.