There was a priest in Bavaria who once said “Water contains healing powers.” Whether or not you believe this to be true, you’ve got to admit that water does have marvellous capacity for stimulating lazy circulation. Better circulation means a better blood supply, a better blood stream rich in all the nourishment that your body needs.
Water is, moreover, the only thing that can soften your skin. Dried calloused skin will remain so if it is soaked in oil; soaked in water, however, it will soften.
Every woman owes it to herself to spend a little time on her body ever day. Make bathing your daily ritual.
Whenever you bathe, make sure that bath water is either tepid or a little warm. Ideally, bath water should be at a temperature just a little above body temperature. A hot bath is weakening; it is also hard on your heart and skin, while a cold water constricts blood vessels.
We need soap and water to cleanse our bodies while bathing. Unfortunately, however, while removing dust and dirt from our bodies; we also remove natural body oils with it.
 Like the skin on your face, the skin on your body also needs nourishing. Just as you need to nourish and moisturize your facial skin each time you wash it, always remember to give your body a moisturizing massage when you come out of the bath.
In winter (and especially if your skin tends to be even a little dry) always add a few drops of bath oil to your bath water.
To a warm bath, add about half a teaspoon of almond oil (Badam Rogan)

Make a bag of a small square piece of cheese cloth; fill it with a few of your favourite herbs. Dip it in water for a few minutes.
Use a loofah (vegetable sponge) to remove dead and thickened skin, paying special attention to elbows, shoulder, back and knees.
Pat yourself dry with a large soft towel, and then moisturize all over. Use extra cream or oil on feet, hands, knees and elbows.
THE PROTEIN BATH Milk baths are tremendous. Pour about a pint of fresh milk into your tub of warm water.
Swirl the water with your hands, so that the powder or fresh milk mixes well with it.
You will feel the difference immediately. It’s like swimming in a soft white cloud.
The milk doesn’t leave you feeling sticky or smelling funny as you might expect it to.
    Skin is satiny smooth after this protein treatment.
 THE REVIVER BATH Epsom salts in bath water have a tremendous reviving effect on tried and wilting bodies.

CLEANSING BATH Lots of sea salts added to bath water is super for cleaning pores.
RELAXING BATH For a dry flaky skin, add a cup of natural cider vinegar to the water. This also helps you to relax.
HEALING BATH Calendula leaves or marigold leaves added to the water are said to heal body scars and thread veins.
SLEEP BATH A warm bath just before bed helps you sleep better because it relaxes you.
QUICK-REVIVE BATH A quick way to revive a tired fatigued body is to take alternately warm and cold baths.
ROMAN BATH An old Roman beauty bath tricks for dry skin is to massage the body with body lotion before getting into warm water.
DON’T USE SOAP Only add a few drops (three to six) of almond oil and a cup of fresh milk to the water.
 Soak for 10-15 minutes; use your loofah to slough off dead dry skin.
Rinse with tepid water. Pat yourself dry and then use some more body lotion or oil.